New Cream Ale

KIHOSKH, one of Copenhagen's best beer stores, is a big fan of beer from Mikkeller. Summer and winter there is always a large selection of our beers in their store. Mikkeller has repeatedly brewed beer especially for KIHOSKH. And now another new beer from Mikkeller is on its way to KIHOSKH. This time it's a Cream Ale with orange and lemon peel.
At KIHOSKH they are not just big fans of Mikkeller, they are also very excited about Keith Shore's label art. And therefore, Keith was contacted when KIHOSKH needed a label for this new Cream Ale.
Many of the labels Keith has made for KIHOSKH had a figure called Sally as a motif. And on the last label Keith was inspired by the French artist Matisse.
Matisse has a naive style that in many ways is similar to Keith's. So it seems obvious that Keith has been inspired by the French master.
The label for the new Cream Ale shows Sally naughtier than we have ever seen her before. In the first draft of this label one could not see Sally's breasts. But KIHOSKH's wanted a naughty label for this beer, so Keith had to redraw it, with bare breasts and everything.
This is the first Mikkeller label with bare breasts. The Matisse picture that inspired Keith can be found here.

The new Cream Ale with Orange and Lime peel will become available soon, and can only be purchased from KIHOSKH in Copenhagen.

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