The worlds highest altitude beer tasting?

Upon returning from a highly successful first edition of Copenhagen Beer Celebration Boston, we teamed up with Scandinavian Airlines for something we probably never imagined doing; hosting a beer tasting on an airplane!



Mikkel Borg Bjergsø, founder and owner of Mikkeller, had this to say: "SAS upped the game once again. Probably a world record for highest altitude of any beer tasting ever done! We love this company for breaking the boundaries as a commercial airline"



“Travelers only option is usually dull tasteless beer in a can, so we wanted to do something different and our big 75cl bottled beers really sets up a completely new standard for beverages served onboard a flight. We have now done 9 different beers together and we're just getting started. The beer tasting on board is a fun way to promote our collaboration with Mikkeller and at the same time give the passengers a unique experience, ” says Peter Lawrance SAS Head Chef & Manager Meal Planning.



We're currently working on a brand new series of beer for SAS, as well as discussing when, where and how to do more Mikkeller Sky High Beer Tastings in the near future.

Finally, the winner of the SAS Copenhagen Sweepstakes will be announced this coming Tuesday (Oct. 4th.) Again, we partnered up with SAS to fly one winner and a friend to Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen as well as a two-night stay at Guldsmeden Hotels.







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