Øl & Brød's first night in Tokyo


Yesterday, Øl & Brød had a Pop-up event at Beard restaurant in Tokyo. It was a good time and people were having fun. They introduced Smørrebrød for the guests and for some of them, it was their first time tasting it.

The menu for the night was

Salmon tartare with lemon, pickled cucumber and dill
Beer: Mikkeller - Cream Ale

Poached egg with shrimps and mayonnaise
Beer: Mikkeller - Nelson Sauvignon

Codfish cheeks with shirako, beetroots and kale (Shin from beard made that dish)
Beer: Mikkeller - Amass Plum Crazy

Beef tartare with crispy potatoes, egg yolk and watercress
Beer: Mikkeller - Monks Brew

Confit duck and roast of pork with danish x-mas garnish
Beer: Mikkeller - Raspberry Quadrupel

Ris a' la mande with cherry sauce
Beer: Mikkeller - Spontancherry (Frederiksdal)

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