HAVEN Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to work at our bars at HAVEN Festival (August 11-12 2017)

As a volunteer at HAVEN Festival 2017 you will have various benefits both before, under and after the festival.

Among other you will receive:
- Access Pass to both days at HAVEN Festival 2017
- Meals during your shift(s)
- Free coffee/tea during your shift
- 1 meal ticket pr. 8 hours of work
- 2 x Drinks tickets that can be used in certain bars during the festival
- HAVEN water bottle

You can either help with:
- Set-up: 4/8 to 11/8 = 16 hours per volunteer
- Festival days: 11/8 and 12/8 = 8 hours one of the days per volunteer
- Dismantling: 12/8 to 16/8 = 16 hours per volunteer

Sign up at the bar you want to work at by entering the link and sign up. Do it now before your cat!

1 Beer Geek Bar (Festival days): http://hubs.ly/H07XCGC0
2 Beer Geek Bar (Festival days): http://hubs.ly/H07XCVq0
3 Beer Geek Bar (Festival days): http://hubs.ly/H07XB_y0
4 Beer Geek Bar (Festival days): http://hubs.ly/H07XB_z0

11 WarPigs (Festival days): http://hubs.ly/H07XD5p0
11 WarPigs (set-up): http://hubs.ly/H07XB_B0
11 WarPigs (dismantling): http://hubs.ly/H07XCmq0

12 Beer Geek Bar (Festival days): http://hubs.ly/H07XCmr0
13 Beer Geek Bar (Festival days): http://hubs.ly/H07XB_C0
17 Beer Geek Sort (Festival days): http://hubs.ly/H07XCms0
18 Beer Geek Surt (Festival days): http://hubs.ly/H07XCVr0
19 Beer Geek Humlet (Festival days): http://hubs.ly/H07XCVs0
20 Baghaven (Festival days): http://hubs.ly/H07XCmt0

29 Ramen to Bíiru (Festivals days): http://hubs.ly/H07XCmv0
29 Ramen to Bíiru (set-up): http://hubs.ly/H07XB_D0
29 Ramen to Bíiru (dismantling): http://hubs.ly/H07XB_F0

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