HAVEN - The worlds most crafty festival? 

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During Haven in 2017 we managed to not only serve over 200 different kinds of beers to 20.000 festival goers, but more importantly, we were able to demonstrate the success in only serving craft beer at a music festival. Our goal is that attendees will walk throughout the festival grounds and try all different types of beers instead of just choosing the pilsners that are so common at festivals. To further accomplish this in 2018, we will be expanding the range of available beers in the volume bars to a minimum of four different types. Last year, we served mainly two different beers at these bars: one pale ale and one lager. In addition to this, we have invited a handful of the world's best and most respected breweries to come and host their own bars at Haven.


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Ehren Schmidt (Mikkeller Baghaven), Drew Fox (18th. Street Brewery), Sam Richardson (Other Half Brewing) and Mikkel at HAVEN 2017.



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HAVEN is a festival for the senses that will merge experiments in art, music, food and beer. Lots of beer. 

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Check out the recap video from last year: HAVEN 2017 

Pictures by: Mathias Bak Larsen, Peter Kirkegaard, Jonas Hartmann, MARKUS GLAVIND, Solvej Christensen, Mikkel Schwitzer, Jonatan Nothlev

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