The jolliest season of them all is here and Santa haven't forgotten about all you beer minds!

Check out all of the special holiday beers we have for you!

Mikkeller Christmas Beers Ale Ris A'la Male Holiday

Let us introduce you to some of our special Christmas bundles. The perfect option if you wanna spice up your Christmas holiday and get in the mood!Mikkeller Christmas Beers X-mas Hoppy Lovin' Copenhagen

The Christmas Bundle Small

We made this awesome selection of Pale Ales, Porters, Imperial and India Pale Ales, all brewed with X-mas flavours - and for some extra holiday fun, we tweaked two of the recipes including Ginger Brett IPA, which we spiked with even more ginger and Ris a la M'ale where we doubled up on the cherry!

Christmas spirit guaranteed!

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Mikkeller Christmas Beers X-mas Santa's Little Helper Copenhagen

Christmas Bundle Big 

You are that person that just can't get enough of Christmas, so why not celebrate this special holiday with a Big Christmas Bundle! Contains all the loved Mikkeller Christmas beers from spicy holiday ales to a fresh ginger IPA and snow soft Saison.

All in big bottles for an even merrier Christmas!

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Mix your own Christmas Delivery

Mikkeller Christmas Beers X-mas Copenhagen WinbicIf you feel mixing your own bundle we have all your favorites as single bottles as well. For example you could pick one of these:

Winbic: A blended Saison and Spontan Ale
Til Fra Via: A Holiday Ale with Spices
Hoppy Lovin' Christmas: An IPA with Ginger Brett and Pine Needles
Drink'in The Snow: Non ABV Winter Christmas Ale with spices


Mikkeller Christmas Beers X-mas Copenhagen Drink'in The Snow


Or why don't you try the Xmas Wish: The hoppy GLUTEN FREE alternative for Xmas, in case you have to mind the grain intake (but just as much if you don't, no flavour was harmed while making this beer). Or the Red/White X-mas: Red Ale meets a Witbier in a hoppy love stew.

Mikkeller Christmas Beers Copenhagen X-mas Wish



Check out all our Christmas beers at Mikkeller Webshop or press the red button and start Christmas today!



HO HO HO, Merry Xmas!
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